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Brit 30

 2200 €

The BRIT 30 is inspired by the mythic model designed and produced by VOX®/JMI®: the AC30/6TB.

As we all know, it is impossible nowadays to find an original model from the late 60´s at an affordable price and the current models definitely do not compare to an original one. BENROD-ELECTRO took the challenge and have been successful in offering amps that is entirely handwired, based on the original schematic and systematically coming with a pair of "Alnico Blue" speakers.
Here are a few artists amongst others who have chosen this sound: Lenny Kravitz, Brian May, Noir Désir, Téléphone, The Shadows, The Beatles...

This is definitely a loud amp with a strong personality, whether in clean setting or cranking it up. Just like the original, it delivers 33 Watts (power tubes), so mind your ears! Once plugged in, you will recognise the true Vox(R) sound which will make your guitars scream for hours and more...

Technical specs

- 33 Watts
- 2 x 12 inch "Blue Dogs" speakers or 2 x 12 inch "Silver Bells" speakers or a mix of both.
- 5 x 12AX7 / 1 x 12AT(U)7 / 4 x EL84 / 1 x GZ34
- 1 volume control on each channel
- 6 inputs: 1 high and 1 low on each channel
- 1 tone control: CUT
- BASS and TREBLE controls on the BRILLIANT/TB channel
- 1 VIB/TREM switch
- 1 speed control on the VIB/TREM channel
- VIB/TREM footswitch
- Powered by 220 or 240 Vac
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