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Plexi Rock 18W TREMOLO

 1690 €

The BENROD-ELECTRO Plexi Rock 18 Watts TREMOLO in its head version is a great blues amp. The integrated tube tremolo sounds authentic and vintage. This amp has been played by legends such as Clapton, Mayall, Jeff Beck, Thom Yorke… You will get a more and more overdriven sound by turning up the volume of the amp. This amp reacts a lot to the output level of your guitar, allowing you to add more or less overdrive to your sound by only playing with your guitar volume controls. When played really loud, you get an incredible rock sound.

It comes with a footswitch which allows you to switch the tremolo on and off.

Basically, the two channels of this amp offer two distinct types of sounds, both very colourful and authentic. No matter what kind of music you’re into, you should seize the opportunity to try one of these!

Technical specs

- 18 Watts
- 3x 12AX7 / 2x EL84 / 1x EZ81
- 2 channels: NORMAL, BRIGHT
- 1 volume control per channel
- 1 tone control per channel
- 2 controls for the TREMOLO:  SPEED, INTENSITY
- 4 inputs: 2 on each channel
- Comes with a TREMOLO Footswitch
- Powered by 220 or 240 Volt AC

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