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Yvan Guillevic



Yvan Guillevic Yvan Guillevic / PYG - Fête Huma Yvan Guillevic / PYG live Yvan Guillevic on stage Yvan Guillevic and his Benrod Electro RED FUZZ



RED FUZZ pedal demo

Yvan Guillevic is a guitarist fed with psychedelic and bluesy riffs of Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jeff Beck and with the acrobatic virtuosos of Steve Vai, Joe Satriani or Eric Johnson. He's addicted to the Pink Floyd and Marillion progressive atmospheres or the heavier ones of Led Zeppelin, Van Halen and Iron Maiden.

Following the impressive demo of his jazz-rock project "Messier 87" (ecstatic column in the famous French magazine "Guitarist"), he met the virtuoso French bass player Pascal Mulot and was invited to play on his album "Can you hear me Jay" (XIII bis) in 1998.

He then collaborated with the electro label "Starsky Records" with whom he released half a dozen singles including the title "Pussycall" (WEA/Chysalis) with Kitchen Funk, in collaboration with DJ Tabasko. He worked with DJ Tabasko again in 2005 and wrote and produced 60 feelings with him, a Trip hop album entitled "le mouvement des choses" released in February 2006.

In 2006 he formed Groovythingz. Electro-blues-rock hybrid. Groovythingz gained success from the critics with their first maxi-CD released in 2007 which was played on numerous radio stations. In 2009 they released the album "Les Machines" featuring "Green eyes" an instrumental blues which won the prize "Open Guitar" of the Guitar Extreme magazine. A full page article was dedicated to Yvan in the Guitar Extreme magazine n°35.
At the same time Yvan formed Empty Spaces a tribute to Pink Floyd in 2006. Empty Spaces was an immediate success on stage and has been touring for the last 4 years.

In June 2010 at the end of Groovythingz Yvan created a new project : PYG (Projet Yvan Guillevic). Yvan is the author, composer and of course guitarist of this new adventure, progressive rock music with some hard rock and even metal roots.

The first track of this new project, the album "End of the World" is a disenchanted report of our society where profit by any means has become the only philosophical reference driving us irreparably to the end of humanity and maybe even to the end of our planet.

The album "End of the World" brings us into a universe of sound with influences from the 70’s and 80’s progressive rock bands like Yes, Pink Floyd, Marillion and even Supertramp, also mixing metal energy of bands such as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden or Queensryche. The vocal power of Morgan Marlet and Nelly Le Quilliec is enriched by the rhythmic section of Julien Oukidja and Bernard Clemence and is highlighted by Jean-Noël Rozé Keyboards chords. Yvan Guillevic’s guitar, sometimes circling, sometimes incisive, strengthens the melodic and progressive side of PYG.

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