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Paul Personne


Simply an honor! Rod have been listening to his records for a very long time...


We are very PROUD to announce Paul Personne as a Benrod player. He's a Blues guitarist of course and also a Rock player! Rock licks, tube-amp overdriven tones, Les Paul guitars...

Paul Personne is also known for its fine collection of vintage Gibson and Fender guitars. Anyone would be jealous!

After having traveled around with many bands as a guitarist but also  as a drummer (!) at his beginnings, he started to write his own personal story through solo projects  since the early 80s .

We suggest you to listen to his record 'Rêve sidéral d'un naïf idéal' released in 1994 with great songs like 'Faire semblant', 'Loco loco'...


More recently in 2011 Paul founded a band called 'A l'Ouest'. They recorded the album 'Personne à l'Ouest' released in 2 discs 'Face A' and 'Face B'.


Paulo, we sincerely wish you all the best ;)

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